Philanthropy has always been a part of our heritage and culture at Boise Cascade. We believe it is our responsibility to have a positive influence as a community leader and environmental steward. Through a cash donation or a team of helping hands, we support non-profit 501 c(3) organizations providing a meaningful impact in the locations where we operate.

To be considered for a DONATION, please complete this聽request form.

To request company VOLUNTEERS for a project or event, please complete this request form.

Requests for contributions or volunteers are accepted year-round and evaluated/determined on a quarterly basis. Boise Cascade contributions are in the form of cash donation. To avoid conflict with our retail customers and suppliers, we don鈥檛 typically provide in-kind product donations.

In the Boise area where our headquarters is located, our cash contributions are focused on the three primary areas below to align with our business strategy. However, volunteer projects can cover a broader spectrum and do not necessarily need to fit into these categories.

Providing Access to Safe & Affordable Shelter
Because of the affordable housing shortage and the tight rental market, many families do not have access to temporary shelter or a place to call home. We seek to support local community organizations who are taking action to provide food, shelter or other resources for our neighbors in need.

Fostering Environmental & Natural Resources
To foster a public understanding of issues related to our business, we support organizations that work to sustain environmental and natural resources for future generations.

Supporting Workforce Development & Diversity
A strong local economy needs a strong workforce, so we support initiatives that make professional development and leadership opportunities accessible to people of all backgrounds, attracting and retaining a diverse talent pool to Idaho.

The company typically declines requests for:

  • Organizations without IRS 501c(3) status.
  • Organizations outside the geographic areas where we operate.
  • Grants to cover operating deficits or administrative expenses.
  • Endowments or memorials.
  • Service clubs or fraternal organizations.
  • Advocacy or lobbying groups for social, civil, religious, or political causes.
  • Public or private elementary school competitions, athletics, or class trips.